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Assistant Business Manager

Colour Line’s team is highly educated and motivated to continuing their professional education. We provide excellent in salon education by hosting nationally recognized artists for our stylists as well as guiding their individualized education opportunities. Ongoing education allows our stylists the ability to offer a constantly improving guest experience. At Colour Line Hair Studio we pride ourselves on the ever growing knowledge of our staff and their ability to evolve with new technologies, services and products to meet the needs of our guests.

THANK YOU for trusting us to be a part of your life, and to create your individualized beauty!

We believe your hair should reflect who you really are…and the way you want to feel…

love your hair, love yourself.

photo of Gianna, Assistant Business Manager Gianna
Colour Line Hair Studio
987 Randall Road
Geneva, IL, 60134 USA
(630) 208-8100

Q:  Why should someone choose Colour Line Hair Studio?
A:  For the warm, inviting atmosphere and the friendly and professional staff.  You feel welcome from the moment you step inside the door.

Q:  How would your guest describe you and your style?
A:  I've been told I have an infectious positive attitude.  I love to laugh and make people laugh.

Q:   Who or what do you look to for inspiration?
A:   I find myself looking to the natural world for inspiration, whether it be taking a walk through the
      woods or star gazing on a clear nights.  There is so much beauty and wonder in the world.

Q:  Why do you love hair and beauty?
A:   Hair, make-up and fashion allow us to express ourselves and switch it up whenever the mood strikes.

Q:  What is your beauty specialty / niche?
A:  In the salon I am an appointment booking, multitasking master!  I love to do everything I can to help our guests and stylist team have the best experience possible.  At home I love trying new make-up looks and fun nail polish ideas.

Q:  What makes you feel beautiful inside and out?
A:  Helping people.  It is so satisfying to know you made a difference in some ones life.

Q:  Best advise you ever received?
A:  Be true to yourself.